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About Mikuni Kanko Hotel

Our hotel is situated in Fukui Prefecture's Sakai City,
near the coast of the Japan Sea in the Chubu region of Japan.
The hotel has access to the Minatomachi-mikuni observation point,
which boasts one of the best views of the setting sun as itfalls into the sea.
With hot springs and Japanese cuisine using freshly caught seafood,
the hotel provides a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy on your trip to Japan.
Every room comes with an ocean view from which you can watch the skies transform with each new day.

Mikuni Kanko Hotel's Points of Interest


Exquisite and eye-catching cuisine
made with fresh ingredients

  • "Taste of Fukui" Kaiseki cuisine using local specialties

  • "Rockfish Celebration" Kaiseki cuisine featuring a variety of dishes using rockfish, a Hokuriku delicacy

  • Assorted sashimi platter

Taste all that Fukui has to offer Sweet shrimp in spring, turban shells in summer, rockfish (a Hokuriku delicacy) in autumn, snow crab in winter, Fukui-brand Wakasa beef

Exquisite cuisine using seasonal ingredients.
The harbor provides the very freshest seafood to delight your taste buds.
No visit to Fukui is complete without tasting Wakasa beef and snow crab.
Fukui is also well-known for its sake made from the best quality Japan-grown rice. Please use this opportunity to try some sake tasting.

The undisputed taste of winter in Fukui, snow crab

The undisputed taste of winter in Fukui, snow crab

Wakasa beef

Fukui's own brand of wagyu beef, Wakasa beef

Freshly caught, plump sea bream

Freshly caught, plump sea bream

A Hokuriku delicacy, high-quality rockfish

A Hokuriku delicacy, high-quality rockfish

In season from late spring through summer, abalone

In season from late spring through summer, abalone

Japanese sake made in Fukui

Japanese sake made in Fukui


Natural hot springs available at the hotel
Tojinbo Hot Springs

  • The large "Wajou-no-yu" bath featuring tatami mats.

  • The large octagonal "Ryusho-no-yu" bath made with shakudani stone found in Fukui.

  • The open-air "Hugetsu-no-yu" bath.

Three large baths that provide plenty of room to breathe and let yourself relax. The Wajou-no-yu bath is a unique hot spring with special tatami mats laid out. The bath also features a light fragrance of cypress to promote relaxation.

The octagonal Ryusho-no-yu with its wind motifs, the Hugetsu-no-yu where you can feel the sea breeze on your face, and the Wajou-no-yu that shakes up onsen traditions.
Relax your body and mind in the hotel's natural hot springs.
Tojinbo Hot Springs is a simple alkaline hot spring, which boasts positive health benefits for people suffering from neuralgia, muscle pain, arthralgia / frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, and joint stiffness.
The provide a great Japanese onsen experience.


Three types of rooms,
all of which provide a full ocean view

  • The Mikuni Suite private open-air bath

  • The Mikuni Suite private open-air bath

  • The relaxing Mikuni Suite bedroom

  • Western-style Deluxe Twin

  • Western-style Twin

  • Japanese-style room with plenty of space

The hotel provides three types of rooms, the luxurious Mikuni Suite with its own open-air bath, a Western-style room with a semi-double bed, and a relaxing Japanese-style tatami room.

The two Mikuni Suites feature both Japanese and Western-style rooms, Shigaraki open-air baths, and an open terrace for guests to relax and enjoy their time to the fullest. The two types of Western-style rooms, twin and deluxe twin, both feature semi-double beds that provide a great night's sleep.
We also recommend the relaxed and comfortable Japanese-style rooms.
All rooms have access to free Wi-Fi.

Room overview

Mikuni Suite
Persons: 2-4 persons/room *non-smoking
Facilities: open-air bath, indoor bath (with shower), 10 tatami-mat Japanese-style room (with removable desk), Western-style room (2 semi-double beds), terrace, LCD television (Japanese/Western rooms), refrigerator, coffee maker, hair dryer, wheelchair accessible
Western-style room
Twin: 2 persons/room
Deluxe Twin: max 3 persons/room (a cot can be provided for 1 person)
*separate smoking/non-smoking areas
Size: Twin 22.5㎡ / Deluxe Twin 30㎡
Japanese-style room
Persons: from 4 persons/room (max 7 persons), may vary depending on room
*all rooms are non-smoking
Size: 10-20 tatami mats
Basic facilities
Private bathroom in all rooms, air conditioning, television, satellite television access, refrigerator (unstocked), safe, trouser press (available upon request)
Basic amenities
Bath towels, face towels, original yukata, toothbrushes, razors, cotton wipes, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, bar soap, slippers
Mikuni Suite amenities

Mikuni Suite amenities

Guest room amenities

Guest room amenities

Yukata rental (requires a fee)

Yukata rental (requires a fee)


A wide variety of hotel facilities

  • An open and welcoming lobby

  • Showa-influenced retro atmosphere

  • Rozen restaurant

  • The hotel's Gallery Road, where many pieces of art are on display

Take a rest in our lobby with a view of the Japanese gardens.
The hotel decor is retro and evocative of the Showa era.

We recommend taking a stroll through the hotel's Gallery Road, where many pieces of art are on display.
Take a step into the past with the Showa-influenced retro atmosphere.

Open to the public
Cafe lounge / MikuniSUNSET shop / Gaming corner (requires a fee) / Rozen restaurant / karaoke hall (requires a fee) / Okonomi Corner pub / Barbecue area (requires a fee)
Available for rental
Wheelchair (free)
Yukata: ladies/children's 500 yen (tax incl.) / children's jinbei 330 yen (tax incl.)
Services & Leisure
Spa (requires a fee) / Massage (requires a fee) / Shogi (requires a fee) / Go (requires a fee) / Mahjong (requires a fee) / Golf (requires a fee) *includes transportation
Payment Methods
Cash / Credit Card (JCB, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, UC, DC, Diners Club) / Electronic Transfer
Cancellation Fees
3 days prior 30% / 1-2 days prior 50% / same-day or without notice 100%
Gallery Road

Gallery Road

Trick Art (Lobby)

Trick Art (Lobby)

Local festival, Mikuni Festival portable shrines

Local festival, Mikuni Festival portable shrines

Tourism Information

See here for more of Fukui Prefecture's tourist attractions


Tojinbo Hot Springs Mikuni Kanko Hotel

  • Location4-4-8 Midorigaoka, Mikuni-cho, Sakai City, Fukui
  • Phone +81 776-81-3111(from abroad)
  • Fax +81 776-81-3235(from abroad)

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